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Family Photography in Red Deer near Gull Lake, Alberta

family photography in Red Deer captured near Gull Lake, Alberta

Beautiful Family Photography in Red Deer at Sunset by Suzanne Taylor Photography

When you photograph family photography in Red Deer as a primary subject for your business, you start to get a feel for when a session could potentially be an amazing event.  There are factors that just seem to come together like an attractive family, fun clothes, great hair, a willing Dad…Ok – I only kind of joke at this (Dads can make or break the session pretty easy).  The biggest factor though that ensures that family photography in Red Deer is a magical session is Love.  Love will always shine through and make family photography sessions beautiful, real and genuine.

Who is the best photographer to offer family photography in Red Deer?

Suzanne Taylor Photography would be the obvious answer to this question – mostly because you are reading this on my website at  I will not just let that slide though – I want to tell you why you need to book my photography business to capture your family photography in Red Deer session.

First off, I make every session fun.  That alone is a huge aspect to ‘check off’ the list of things you want to provide to the customer, however it is VERY important to Suzanne Taylor Photography.  From Full Sessions to Mini Sessions being able to have fun should be the priority of the photographer and what YOU want as a customer.  It breaks my heart when I hear customers talk about previous photographic experiences where the photographer wasn’t kind, pushy, rushed or somehow ended up turning the session into a mess rather than a beautiful experience that everyone would never forget and would turn around and love forever.

Second, Suzanne Taylor Photography is an award winning family photographer.  In June 2016, Suzanne Taylor Photography won first place in the National Association of Professional Child Photographers (NAPCP) contest with a beautiful image titled “Their Madonna”.  That image pushed the creativity to which Suzanne Taylor Photography photographs family photography in Red Deer and was the first steps towards Narrative Photography and also the fusion of Posed and Documentary Photography that allows the customer to move freely and be themselves without too much concern around making sure that they look ‘right’ or that they are doing what they are supposed to.  That being said, I am always happy to lend a hand if you are really stuck, but after being in business for over 10 years now, I know that if you just let people be they will produce amazing moments that you just have to catch on film or digitally.  Oh, yeah – the images you will get back will be purely amazing.

A Dad’s Willingness to be Photographed

An aspect of family photography in Red Deer that needs to be addressed is the Dad.  I was blessed growing up with a Dad who didn’t mind ever being in family photos.  He relished the opportunity to spend a moment with his daughter while usually, my Mom would take the picture.  Nothing fancy a lot of the time – just a quick snapshot here and there as the years slipped on by.  It came as a surprise to me always when I would come across a Dad who was less than interested in having their photo taken.  It really surprised me…so much so that I decided that I had to switch up how I approached apprehensive men and Dad’s and find a way to make the session flow so that I didn’t end up losing business in the long run.

My goal is to keep all family photography in Red Deer sessions fast, effective and moving so that the kids do not get bored, the Mom get’s the images she wants and the Dad’s can slip in and out fairly painlessly.

In the last 10 years, I would say that I have photographed at least 50 dad’s (though the number would be quite a bit higher if I went back and counted) and I can think of just a few that made the session so uncomfortable for the partner, it actually changed the dynamics of the session – not for the better.  Over time I found a way to work Dad’s into the photo’s and shooting time so that they were part of it, but not participating the whole time.  No one would no in the images, but they would know and value the speed and efficiency that I could offer them and the family.  Even the father in these images was semi-reluctant (because really while photos are important, there are other things that need to be done), but finished the session and stated: “that was fun”.

What amazing feedback.  I knew I did my job well – and pictures like these were captured in no more than 20 minutes of shooting time.  Win/Win for everyone.

The Importance of Family Photography in Red Deer to Children

Time and time again, we see concluding evidence as to the increased self-esteem of children when photography is the principle factor of a research study.  Over and over again, psychologists share how family photography helps children know where they fit within the family circle and that they are valued and loved by their family unit.  Another point mentioned by psychologists is that by honoring the memories that capture the love, feelings, and emotions that are shown in the photograph, children have a foothold and can refer easily to an image on the wall rather than trying to remember them in a time of personal crisis.  Research has been summed up in one quick ready from Design Aglow – a photography company in the USA.  You can read that link HERE.

It is never too late to book family photography in Red Deer, Calgary or anywhere else that you wish to capture a session.  The doors of Suzanne Taylor Photography are always open and happy to talk to you about either capturing a mini session or full photography session.  You can read about the differences in session HERE in case you are curious about the difference between them.  I always encourage families to have professional photography done at least once a year because you never know what is going to happen – even an hour from today is unknown.  Make the most of your time while your family is intact, healthy and happy.

Family Photography in Red Deer (or wherever you live) is such an important investment in your family life.  Over and over people put off family photography until it is too late – either kid’s move away from the home, life situations change or tragedy strikes and unfortunately someone passes away before those beautiful family moments are caught and enjoyed by the people who need to enjoy it the most.

If you are in the market for new family photography in Red Deer (or Calgary – or anywhere else in Alberta or beyond), please give Suzanne Taylor Photography a call at 403-550-9965 or email at  I am currently booking into Summer and Fall of 2017 and would be so happy to hear from you.  Let’s start the process together and let me guide you as a photographer in what to wear, what to expect and watch as your images go beyond what your friends and family have on their walls and are elevated to capturing the joy, happiness and most importantly love you share as a family.



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