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Family Photography in Red Deer | Suzanne Taylor Photography

Family photography is one of the first genres that I photographed.  A long time ago, I was asked by a friend of mine way up in Athabasca if I would capture their family for them as they had a little boy and I thought I would give it a go.  I had no idea what the name of the session was until much later and learned the proper name for that session – a lifestyle family photography session.  I photographed the heck out that family over many years and what I never thanked them for was allowing me to embrace the passion that had been ignited in me.

Over the years, I have always offered Family Photography on my services list.  I have always appreciated the joy that I get the chance to capture while doing sessions with families.  Family photography with Suzanne Taylor Photography has evolved though from taking posed images with a starter camera, to what I do my best to create now.

I strive in every way to capture the emotion and turn it into a work of fine art that will serve to become an heirloom image for your home and family to enjoy for many years to come.  Family photography doesn’t have to look stale.  Family photography should reflect your family and not look like the family that is printed on a Hallmark greeting card.  It should look like your family, with YOUR moments captures perfectly forever.