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If you have made it to this page, I want to thank you for being interested in Fine Art photography and Creative Portraiture.  To take an image is one thing, however to create art is something that you will have on your walls for years to come – embracing the creativity and moments that you didn’t even recognize were happening.

What is Fine Art Photography?

Fine Art photography is recognized on as: “noun 1. a visual art considered to have been created primarily for aesthetic purposes and judged for its beauty and meaningfulness, specifically, painting, sculpture, drawing, watercolor, graphics, and architecture.”

When you translate that to the discipline of photography, a creative process is allowed to occur that is often outside of a regular photography session.  The images that are produced during a normal session are often beautiful, emotional and capture the essence of the subject perfectly.  During a fine art session however, Suzanne Taylor Photography takes the opportunity to look beyond the subject and to capture the art that is created every second of every day for you to display in your home and hearts.  Beauty is all around as is emotion and whether it is casually watching children swing from the sidelines, picking a handful of weeds that double as the most beautiful bouquet ever or just allowing a child to move as they do against a plain backdrop – the opportunity of Fine Art happens constantly.

What is Creative Children’s Photography?

Creative Children’s Photography is taking the fantasy world of a child and creating imagery to reflect their moods, thoughts and make believe worlds that they move so easily between each day.  This can be the imagination of a young boy thinking about which star he wants to visit as an astronaut when he grows up.  Or maybe the reflection of a little girl’s dreams about sparkles and diamonds all around.

Sometimes the vision can also be that of the parents who also have their own imaginations and desires for the art created for their home.  I have created art for several parents in the last few years who wanted ‘more’ than the average shoot to capture their children exactly how they see them – or how they think it would be best reflected.

Creative Children’s Photography often is best created by wardrobe as well as props and those may be included in your session fee, depending on what your vision is.  Sometimes customers finance outfits through a dressmaker or special order service as well though our planning time together we will get to plan any props we may need to make your visual story come to life.


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