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Red Deer Family Photographer captures 150th Canada Day Portrait

Canada Day as captured by Red Deer Family Photographer, Suzanne Taylor Photography

It has become a yearly tradition over the last three years for Red Deer family photographer, Suzanne Taylor to capture what I consider a Fine Art image of one or more of my children posed for Canada Day photography with a flag or something that represents Canada.  While this yearly photography tradition in the Red Deer area is still relatively young, I get more and more excited every year coming up with beautiful, inspirational and fun images for my children to participate in and cherish as they grow older.

A Little Canada Day Portrait History

My oldest child has always been my muse.  He is incredibly handsome, has huge gorgeous blue eyes and photographs like a dream.  I remember the urge I had three years ago on June 30th to take him and go out to Gull Lake, Alberta and create the first Canada Day Photography image with him with a huge Canada flag.  There was a huge thunderstorm coming and I just had to take him.  I got him dressed in white, not really knowing what else to put him in that night, grabbed a flag and off we went.

Now – there is a reason that this child has always been my muse – he has always known how to “turn it on” when I ask him to.  That night three years ago he did not fail and he lifted that flag up as a small gust of wind fluffed it and the look on his face…pure peace, pride and an effortless love that comes from spending time with his Mama…and that Kinder Surprise Egg that he gets at the end helps too.

Young boy dressed in white holding the Canada Day Flag above his head with the wind blowing it

This image received a Recognition of Merit in the July 2015 International Image Competition with the National Association of Professional Child Photographers (NAPCP).  I was very proud of this image and incredibly proud of my son.

2016’s Canada Day Fine Art Photograph by Suzanne Taylor Photography

The next Canada Day Photography image I captured was when we visited Morine Lake in Lake Louise, Alberta in 2016.  Again, the wind helped my efforts out and my daughter of only 3.5 held that flag in the air, strong and proud while I captured this beautiful image with the Valley of the Ten Peeks standing tall and proud behind her.

This image captured a ‘Nominee’ award at the 10th Annual International Color Awards and has been a fan favorite for the last year within the Red Deer and Calgary Photography circles.  This child has such an independent and proud spirit for me as the photographer it captured so much more than what the normal ‘family’ session image would mean to the average person.  This is her and this was ALL her.

Young girl holds Canada Day flag above her head at Moraine Lake, Alberta in Lake Louise.

2017’s Canada Day picture by Suzanne Taylor Photography

Finally, we get to this year’s Canada Day Image.  Suzanne Taylor Photography returned back to Gull Lake, Alberta to capture this beautiful image with all three triplets with the Canada flag painted and displayed proudly across their backs.  The hold hands in unity and pride…at least that is what I think of when I see it.  They were just following direction for that trusty kinder surprise egg that I had waiting on the shore for them.

This image is extremely impactful for me and exactly what Red Deer Family Photographer, Suzanne Taylor Photography is known for.  The simplicity of capturing the moment and creating a beautiful fine art moment by just letting children be.  The painting of the flag was a really fun time and the kids giggled and laughed as I painted each of them in a row on the beach.  I was fairly certain that other beachgoers were wondering what the heck was happening, so hopefully, those interested will have the opportunity to view it!

Triplets stand in Gull Lake, Alberta with the Canada Day Flag painted on their backs at sunset

I thank all my customers every year for being interested in my art and this treat I get to do every year with my kids.  It is something I hope everyone enjoys and looks forward to each year.

Suzanne Taylor Photography wishes EVERYONE a fun, safe and exciting Canada Day 2017 where we celebrate 150 years of being amazing and awesome.


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