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Let me start off my saying Congratulations!!!

I am sure you have heard that once or twice – but as your future Red Deer maternity photographer, I think it is important to recognize the amazing journey you are on.  You are growing a child (and or multiple children) and that is a task that is fairly monumental in my honest opinion.  Babies are a total and complete blessing and it is so earth shattering when you are passed that beautiful little soul and know that you are now a parent.

Let’s back up a smidge though.  We can’t rush that growing part because that is what makes the rest of your baby’s life so amazing.  As a Red Deer maternity photographer, my goal is to capture you and your partner together, in love, doing whatever is reflective of your life together.  Some couples are fairly intimate in front of the camera, others times a more relaxed approach is taken in front of the camera.  The important thing is that the precious time you spend growing a baby is documented and presented as beautifully as possible so that you not only remember those moments of pregnancy, but also have some beautiful wall art that you will love forever and ever.

What to expect during your Red Deer Maternity Session

As a Red Deer maternity photographer, I have come across many couples all with different needs and thoughts – both about their session as well as the time spent during their session, both artistically and medically.  After going through both a low-risk singleton pregnancy followed by a high-risk triplet pregnancy I can say I have been on both sides of the coin and every pregnancy comes with its own ups and downs.

Every maternity session I shoot has a questionnaire that I encourage you to go through and answer so that I have a better understanding of any specifics that may be pertinent to your session such as style, vision, health, physical mobility factors, etc.  My maternity session with my singleton was a breeze and to be honest I could have shot all night – I was in my element 100%.  Both my triplet maternity session shoots (one at 21 weeks and one at 35 weeks) were both exhausting and strenuous and multiple breaks were needed during both.  I am here to create WITH you and if you need a break, snack, a drink, a new location or anything else, Suzanne Taylor Photography is happy to work with you so that you are the most comfortable you can be during your session.  If you’re not comfortable it will show on your face and end up in your session images and ergo your images.

In the gallery, you will see a number of different styles of maternity images and while I am drawn to the more dramatic style of image (heavy shadows, close intimate shots), I am happy to work with you to create the image that you are looking for.  Everyone has a different opinion of what art is and that is completely OK and being the Red Deer maternity photographer that creates award winning works of art, I am fairly confident that I can make your vision a reality.