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I remember when I first started capturing photography, many people would shake their heads at me when I told them I wanted to specialize in Toddler and Child Photography.  To be honest, most of my friends were either seasoned newborn photographers who didn’t really take pictures of kids over the age of 12 days, as well the other half were wedding photographers who felt kids really did not belong at weddings.

Toddlers are notoriously tough to photograph – as are some children.  Toddlers don’t listen, they are often snotty and full of crumbs and other dirt.  Their hair is usually questionable and if you give them just enough time, they will be full of tears, rage, humor, and love all within the same session – sometimes twice over.  So why select this tough crowd to work with?


Emotion is the reason I am a photographer.  I was asked once in a workshop to list three words that described my photography style and described what you wanted the public to take away from your work.  The very first word was emotion – followed by elegance and simplicity.  I like my images to talk for themselves, and while sometimes that can come off as confusing to the average person, if you know toddlers you will likely understand what I am getting to fairly quickly.

Toddlers and children are pure emotion.  Both groups have an amazing ability to be emotional throughout a shoot from the elevation they feel over finding that perfect leaf on the ground – to the passion they talk and move with when they find a stick about 3x larger than they are.  Children being allowed to move freely and happily also have the same range – just a little less volatile on the anger spectrum when they drop their cookie on the ground.

What can you expect during your session?

If you are considering or have hired Suzanne Taylor Photography to capture your toddler or child (or both), you can expect a fun session where the pressure is taken off of the parents and the spirit and integrity of the child are allowed to shine as bright as they can muster.  Some of the best work I have ever accomplished was just letting children do what they do and documenting their movement, facial expressions, joy, sadness, etc. as it happens.  I don’t put pressure on toddlers and children to be something that is expected – the only thing I expect is that they are free to explore, play and interact as they wish during the session.  They don’t need to look at the camera and they don’t need to be excited about the session – they just need to be themselves.


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