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Welcome to the Investment Page of Suzanne Taylor Photography.  Here you will find some common answers pertaining to session fee's, total cost averages and information about Suzanne Taylor Photography's Belly to Birthday Baby Plan - an amazing opportunity to artfully document the journey of your first year with your new family member(s).  

If you have any questions or would like to speak to me directly to book a session, please use the contact form and I will get back to you within 24 hours!  

I look really forward to having you become part of the Suzanne Taylor Photography family.  

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Fine Art Photography?

Fine Art Photography is what Suzanne Taylor Photography specializes in.  It isn't just taking a photograph - it is taking the moment to look at it from a unique perspective married with proper technique to create a striking technically excellent image.  That image is then imported into photoshop to create something an image that captures not only your heart and emotions but also tells a story.  

What is Creative Child Portraiture?

Creative Child Portraiture is one of my most favorite genres to shoot and create.  Booking a Creative Child Portraiture session allows you to capture the imagination and beauty of how a child's mind works, but in a work of art that you will be proud to display in your home.  This is the essence and creativity that Suzanne Taylor Photography is known for.  

What About Weddings?

In 2016 I made the decision to no longer shoot weddings.  The decision came quite hard for me as shooting weddings was one of the first genres that I broke into when I became a photographer.  If you would like a referral for your special day, I would be happy to speak to you about finding a photographer in the area you live in.  

What is your session investment cost?

The session the fee varies between the style of session you are seeking.  Session fee's range between 199 and 250 and include a pre-session questionnaire, as well as planning, wardrobe consultation, shooting time (typically between an hour and one and half hours), expertise, as well as your personalized ordering session.  

Do you offer a Baby Plan for people wanting to document the first year of their child’s life?

A Baby Plan is perfect for the family who want to document the most important milestones of their new baby (or babies) life (or lives). This captures (typically) maternity, newborn, six months and a year within a 13 month range. This is an excellent option if you are wanting to document visually the growth of your child(ren) and with the Baby Plan you are invited to enjoy discounts, product credits and elite customer status.

Is there a session commitment amount?

Sometimes studios have you agree to spend a certain amount of money on your session regardless of whether you love your pictures or not.  Suzanne Taylor Photography does NOT have session commitment amounts and you're free to purchase as much or as little of your session as you like.

How much will my session products cost?

That is completely up to what is right for your family.  Some customers of mine have ordered one or two digital images from their session and others have ordered full on wall galleries.  The choices are quite endless as far as your combinations go and in lieu of 'collections' (because no one wants to be told what to buy), I do discount based on a silding scale determined by your subtotal. 

On average, most people look at spending between 400-1200 per session on their photography product, again though - there is no commitment and you're free to order what is right for your family.  

What kind of professional photography products do you offer?

Suzanne Taylor Photography offers a full range of heirloom quality items for purchase including professional archival prints, Metal Gallary Prints, Canvas Gallery Wraps as well as professionally printed albums and digital images.  Other products may be avaliable on request if you have something in mind that is not listed above.  

How far in advance should I look to book a session?

Suzanne Taylor Photography has been exploding in popularity the since my rebranding after I was hacked in February 2016 resulting in the loss of my old business domain. The rebranding brought a beautiful breath of fresh air into my business and with that came a wonderful burst of new business. I have begun booking Baby Plans for 2017 as well as the Spring/Summer of 2017 (or later if you want to assure your date and time with the exception of weather concerns).

Can I cancel my photography order after it has been paid for?

Due to the nature of digital photography, once your order has been placed and paid for, work commences on your order within a few hours.  Suzanne Taylor Photography does not issue refunds for any paid sessions or orders unless Suzanne Taylor Photography is unable to complete the order as placed due to digital file failure.  Every effort is made by Suzanne Taylor Photography to ensure that your order is exactly what you are looking forward to prior to sending your invoice so that your photographic vision is perfectly matched with your photographic products.  

The Worth of Lifetime Memories | Red Deer Photography

the worth of a Red Deer portrait session by suzanne taylor photography

The choice to place worth in your family’s memories and hire an internationally award winning photographer is such an important one.  To invest in a professional photographer is to invest in art.  It is really that simple.  You do not want department store quality – you are hungry for a professional product and eye that only a professional photographer can produce.  Every year I get multiple instances where people comment that they “wish they had done this sooner” and that they were so happy with the final product because it was more than just an average image.

Personalized Sessions.

Every session that you do with Suzanne Taylor Photography is carefully planned and tailored to your needs.  You don’t just show up and have images taken – you are invited to help plan what your images will look like – from basic family sessions all the way to Creative Children’s Portraiture that can include dress rental from the Dress Bank, many hours of pre-planning, props and a finished product that will take your breath away.  This personal approach increases the worth of the images dramatically and you will feel far more connected to them knowing that you had a hand in the creation of your artwork.  My customers love this personal touch and I am so happy to provide this option.  If you would rather have a minimal amount of input for your session, I am happy to take the reins as well.  My goal is your happiness – simple as that.

The worth of Blackfalds photography session by Suzanne Taylor Photography

Session Investment

The session fee is independent of the products that are available for purchase from Suzanne Taylor Photography and range between 175-250 depending on the style of session you choose.  Popular product options for your session images include Prints, Canvas, Metal Prints and Albums and are available to view during your ordering session to be held either virtually or your home depending on location.  Most of my customers spend between 400 and 1200 on their orders, however there is no minimum you are asked to spend, nor a limit.  Again, my goal is to make sure you are happy with your order and this way you have the opportunity to select the product that YOU want – not what you’re pressured into buying though pushy sales tactics and collections that really have no value.  This is an emotional purchase and one that is very personal and important to make sure is right.

Baby Plan & Newborn Sessions

Suzanne Taylor Photography is pleased to offer both newborn photography, as well as a Belly to Baby Photography Plan which was born from being booked for multiple sessions to capture baby’s first year.  That led me to create this special membership program that assures you will not miss any photography opportunities during the first year of your new baby or babies life.  As well you are offered multiple discounts as well as a $200 credit to be spent at any point throughout your 13 month plan.  Please send me an inquiry (found on the home page) if you are interested in finding out more about the Belly to Baby Plan or if you are wanting to book a single newborn session.  I would love to speak to you about it in person, either on the phone or through email and am happy to answer any questions you may have.  I am here to help any way I can through your photographic journey.

The worth of Baby photography in Red Deer, Alberta by Suzanne Taylor Photography

***If you need to cancel before two weeks before your session you can move your session to another time that works better for your family, enjoy a credit towards a future session (moved to a gift card) or you can have someone substitute your session for you and take over your time and payment.***