Home – Where the Heart and Soul Is | Red Deer Best Photographer

When you think of home, hopefully you are filled with feelings of warmth, happiness and love.

My Home is small – especially now that we have six people living under one roof (and no basement).  My home however is a testament to my family – my walls are adorned with the beauty of life that my husband and I have created.  Not only for ourselves, but also the lives of our children near the community of Red Deer, Alberta.  We have newborn, baby and toddler pictures on the walls of our home, and now as we approach childhood with our triplets – we are starting to enjoy those beautiful, carefree and spirited images of them becoming children before our eyes.

Home for me is a place where I not only live, but also where I know I am loved, appreciated and valued.  How do I know this?  I look around at our artwork on the walls and revisit those exact moments captured forever in gallery canvas, fine art metals and professional photographic prints and smile.  I can tell by the looks on the faces of my family that life is good and those feelings of warmth, happiness and love are abound.

Life is a journey…Home is where you rest your head.

I am so glad you arrived at my website for Suzanne Taylor Photography.  Here you will find inspiration, beauty and your opportunity to create heirloom quality images of your family.  Images that generations to come will love and cherish forever and appreciate as a part of their own history and feelings of belonging.

Suzanne Taylor Photography is an International Award Winning and Published Fine Art photography service based out of the Red Deer, Alberta area.  I look so forward to speaking to you about your ideas, goals and hopes in creating fine art out of the beauty of your children and family.  Through the beauty of the photographic arts, I will capture your subjects in an artful and emotive way that evokes true emotion from the viewer and will take them on a beautiful visual journey.